Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas: Part 2

I am in denial. I cannot believe that Christmas is already over. I loved that I could turn on my radio and find Christmas music on every station and look out the window and see those beautiful twinkling lights. But all good things have to come to an end. At least that is what they say. We went home to the Woodlands for Christmas and the weekend was filled with way too much food, wonderful family time, and some sneakiness. My parents and us have this running joke of these gingerbread man cards. They are just precious but the are impossible to play with because of their arms and legs. So they are absolutely worthless. We have been sending them back and forth to each other and we were finally ready to be done with these little pieces of inconvenience. So we took all of the 52 cards and hid them in different places around the house. Bahahaha. I don't think we will be seeing those bad boys for awhile.

Here's a little picky from Christmas eve. We have traditions that I have done since birth. We go out to eat on Christmas eve and then to the candlelight service. Then on Christmas morning we open presents, have a yummy breakfast, and then open stockings. The rest of the day is spent napping, games, and just spending precious time with family.
Happy 1st Christmas!

Handsome men
So, the depressing day came when we had to return to work but then enjoyed a wonderful three day weekend for New Years. And now it's off to Boston on Thursday! Whoohoo! We are visiting John's cousin, Brian, and his sweet wife and baby for 5 days. We have our long johns packed and ready to face the cold! Hope all is well and that you are truly blessed in 2010!

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