Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lovely Boston.

New favorite place to go visit=Boston! We had such an amazing time hanging out in Boston with John's cousin Brian, his sweet wife Annika, and their precious bundle of joy Joseph. They took us on a great tour of Boston, went up to Maine to visit John's Uncle and his family, and spoiled us the whole time we were up there.

All of us! Notice Joseph's huge doughnut!
I love Boston houses. Right out of Anthropologie.
I think this picture captures how freezing it was up there. In the background is suppose to be downtown Boston. Makes me cold just looking at it!

Well that was Boston, if you ever are thinking of going there...do it! We will probably go in the summertime next but winter is wonderful too! Have a blessed day!

K & J

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  1. Love the picture of Joseph! Thanks for coming to see us, we had such a great time! B, A & J