Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas: Part 1

Hi friends! So last weekend John and I made our way down to Abilene for my first Garrett Christmas!! Whoohoo! The weekend started out with John's middle brother's graduation from the police academy and Grant's graduation from UNT! We are so proud of both of them!
That was Friday night. Saturday consisted of the most delicious breakfast with the family, followed by Christmas! There was the normal giving and receiving of gifts but there the most wonderful surprise towards the end of our Christmas. Grant and Kendra passed out little ladybug magnets and calendars so that we can track the progress of their little baby!! Yay!! So excited for them and pray that their little ladybug will be strong and healthy!

The weekend finished up with Dan's Sunday lunch, some football, and lots of sweet family time. I am truly blessed to have married into such an amazing family. God is too good to me! John and I made our way back to Dallas because work was waiting for us on Monday. I now realize that I took for granted that nice, month long vacation while I was at ACU. Going from a month to two days is for real depressing. I'll just put my big girl panties on and get on living in the real world!
John and I also celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary! We went to our favorite restaurant, Maggianos, and loved not having to cook for one night! Six months has flown by and I cannot wait to see what is in store for us! Have to run but I hope everyone has the most Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year! Much love from the Garretts!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

So its been awhile..

So, obviously, I am still getting used to blogging. Sorry its been about 3 weeks since the last post but I promise to keep it more up to date! So you might be asking yourself what have the Garretts been up to for the last three weeks, well here it goes. We have officially joined Greenville Church of Christ in Allen! Even though we are apart of a small group and have attended many church events, we are now official and it feels so good! We have been so blessed to find an amazing young marrieds group at this church and we love getting to know them! I have also spent many waking moments applying for new jobs and God has been so generous to give me four interviews last week, whoohoo! So cross your fingers and say a little prayer and I will let you know how they turn out! Then Thanksgiving came around and we made our way to Abilene to spend the holiday with John's wonderful family. We were in charge of making the pies and here are some pictures of how they turned out!
Pumpkin Coconut Pie...delish!

Chocolate Pecan Pie

John ready for some serious pie making!

So we also made key lime pie but it was eaten before I could take a picture of it! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of my father-in-law's amazing cooking, watching football, and spending precious time with family. We do not even realize how truly blessed we are.

Well time to get ready for small group, post again soon. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. G

Yep, that's us! We finally joined all the other newlyweds and got a blog! I feel like it is a part of the whole newlywed thing. You know, you get married, move into a cozy, little apartment, and then get a blog! I'll try and get some pictures up of the Garrett residence for your viewing pleasure! I felt like this was the perfect Saturday to get this blog up and running. It is chilly outside, the apartment is nice and cozy, and we are both feeling a little sickly so today was the day. Why is it that the winter time always brings colds??? Or maybe it is all those sick little children that bless me with coughs and sneezes in the face everyday? I have 10 sweet twelve to twenty month olds in my classroom. We are learning how to walk, speak, and use the potty. So its exciting but very challenging. Let's just say that I lose any baby fever that I might have with this job. But the job search will continue and God is teaching me a great deal about patience and how to be grateful. I feel like this cold might be clouding up my head so sorry if this first blog is a little wahh wahhh but I promise to post pictures soon and let you in on what's going on with the Garretts! Hope your weekend is blessed!