Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. G

Yep, that's us! We finally joined all the other newlyweds and got a blog! I feel like it is a part of the whole newlywed thing. You know, you get married, move into a cozy, little apartment, and then get a blog! I'll try and get some pictures up of the Garrett residence for your viewing pleasure! I felt like this was the perfect Saturday to get this blog up and running. It is chilly outside, the apartment is nice and cozy, and we are both feeling a little sickly so today was the day. Why is it that the winter time always brings colds??? Or maybe it is all those sick little children that bless me with coughs and sneezes in the face everyday? I have 10 sweet twelve to twenty month olds in my classroom. We are learning how to walk, speak, and use the potty. So its exciting but very challenging. Let's just say that I lose any baby fever that I might have with this job. But the job search will continue and God is teaching me a great deal about patience and how to be grateful. I feel like this cold might be clouding up my head so sorry if this first blog is a little wahh wahhh but I promise to post pictures soon and let you in on what's going on with the Garretts! Hope your weekend is blessed!

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