Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Pure bliss. Just picture this moment. Beautiful, fat snowflakes falling down from a grey sky, heading home from work early, and they are playing "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" on the radio. It does not get any better! I was as giddy as giddy can be! We woke up to this beautiful view on Wednesday and I threw open the blinds and gasped at sight. When I promptly alerted my sleeping husband of my discovery, his response was "I can't see it! I don't have my contacts in!" My timing was a little off. A sleeping husband does not care too much about the snow. I am learning all sorts of lessons as a newlywed! Ha! And too bad the roads are just too icy today that I cannot go into work. That is just a shame! Pshhh. Here are some pictures of our lovely view.

This is for you mom!
Hello Frosty
God, you are gooood!

So, so pretty! John and I are heading to Abilene tonight to celebrate Valentine's Day and his sweet mother's birthday! It was going to be a surprise but a little bird accidently spilled the beans. Do not worry, that little birdie was me! Ooppsss, it was even my idea to surprise her! Hate it when that happens! We are going to celebrate our first married Valentine's Day at Perinis! Go ahead, be jealous! It will be wonderful to spend some time with my sweet husband. I do not know what I did to deserve such a wonderful man, but God has spoiled me with the most precious soul for my husband. I am so excited to see where God leads us in the journey called life and I wait in giddy anticipation to see our adventure unfold.

I hope that everyone enjoys their Valentine's Day, the Olympics, and a wonderful weekend! Love from us to you! Peace.


  1. Hey Kim, just discovered your blog on facebook and added it to all of our other blogs. You don´t know who I am but maybe you have heard of me. I am John´s cousin. I live in Bremen, Germany and I am related to Brian. Would love to meet you someday! Who knows maybe you guys can come see us! Please say hello to John!

  2. Hi Cousin Kim! I was wondering if Dallas still is Winter Wonderland;) Probably not. I guess you guys are running around in "Anthropolgie" skirts already (not all bundled up like us in Boston) and then I noticed my sweet sister in law left a comment on your blog, too. How cool is that! Talk soon. Love, Annika