Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I have been looking for that. By that I mean peace. I have been searching for many months for a career that I could feel like a big girl in. And here I am still searching for jobs and sending my resume to anyone who has a half way decent job description. It was not until last week when I found out that I did not receive a job that I had worked so hard for that I found some of that peace. I am not going to say that I found ultimate peace because I am still searching for what I am suppose to do in this life but I have a new understanding of where I am currently. I was reading about the story that we all know from VBS, the one about the loaves and fishes that fed thousands of Jesus' followers. Jesus took the most common thing, blessed it, and it brought great peace to the crowds. I am looking at myself longing to be like those loaves of bread and pieces of fish. Something so ordinary doing the extraordinary. I am ready to take the leap of faith and see the amazing journey that God has in store for us. I am now viewing my current job as women's ministry. I no longer work at a school just teaching the abc's and changing diapers but instead ministering to women and families. Well, that is where my heart and mind is currently. I am physically on my way to Opportunity, Alabama to go to Dan's (John's daddy) family reunion! Can't wait to meet more of my new family! I'll make sure to document the experience! Love from us to you!

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